In honor of ALL seven seasons of Gilmore Girls being released on Netflix, we created a Gilmore Girls themed menu. Cook up some of these dishes and host a binge-watching night of our favorite show. As we know, Lorelai and Rory ate nothing but the healthiest get ready to dig in. Enjoy!

"Vegetables first" is what the Gilmores always say! Okay, we're just kidding... but fried onions count as a vegetable, right? Fry up these onion rings to start your party off right.


The immediate response to any Gilmore Girls catastrophe is a pizza. Preferably with everything on it. Hey if you're already going wild, might as well make two just in case. Frozen pizza or delivery is preferable, but if you must- make this tasty Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza at home!


Combine two of the Gilmore Girls' greatest loves- no, we're not talking about a Luke/Jess mashup (although that would arguably be just as good). We're talking about coffee and ice cream. Lorelai can't survive a day (let alone a few hours) without a cup of Luke's coffee. Pour coffee or espresso over vanilla gelato to create these Affogatos.

If you're really going to do it in the true style of the Gilmores, you should top it with as much candy as possible. Crumble up some mallomars (Lorelai's favorite) on there and call it a day!


Of course there is a dessert part two! Would you expect any less at a Gilmore Girls themed party? That's what we thought.

Sookie is known for her chocolate cake at the Independence Inn. Lorelai always steals a slice for Rory when she can. Bake up your own decadent chocolate cake for this occasion!


The signature cocktail of the evening is a White Russian, which features Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur. As we known, Lorelai "needs coffee in an IV", so the very least we can do is highlight two coffee recipes in this party menu. Drink up!



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Do you have any tasty Gilmore Girls themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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