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Tom is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Biff Yeager.


Tom is a Stars Hollow contractor, frequently featured whenever there is construction or renovation around town. He first appears as a head contractor on the Habitat for Humanity project Rory assists for extra curricular application points.[1]


Tom's projects in Stars Hollow throughout the series:

  • As a contractor when Rory performs community service building a house.[1]
  • Renovates Luke's property as a joint project for Luke and Taylor to expand Luke's apartment and open Taylor's Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe and Candy Store.[2]
  • Attempts to salvage the Independence Inn after its fire.[3]
  • Sookie and Lorelai hire Tom as the contractor when they renovate the Dragonfly Inn. As this takes the entire season, he is featured regularly.[4]
  • After Lorelai and Luke's engagement, Tom works as the contractor to expand Lorelai's house. Because Luke promised to hire T.J. as the contractor, Lorelai hires Tom as a second contractor and also pays him more to pretend that T.J. is the real contractor.[5]
  • When Kirk drives Taylor's car into Luke's Diner while participating in the ceremony of a traffic light camera, Tom fixes and renovates the property.

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