• Hi, Virvar.

    I'm Matheus. I'm a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. I plan on rewatching the show later this year and I was thinking that, when I do, I could use my rewatch to help improve the wiki. One of the things I thought that could be improved is adding appearances to the characters pages, and changing the cast lists on the episode pages, to make them similar to the on-screen credits. For example, on the pilot article, we have this on the cast list:

    Recurring cast

    Liz Torres as Miss Patty
    Jared Padalecki as Dean Forester

    Guest starring

    Alex Borstein as Drella
    Emily Kuroda as Mrs. Kim

    However, in the actual episode, they're all credited as "Guest starring", and other actors are credited in the end credits as "co-starring" too. About the appearances thing, I thought about following a format similar to the Once Upon a Time Wiki, which you can see here.

    Of course, I need your approval to make all those changes, so I ask you to please consider those changes, because I think they would help this wiki get better.

    Matheus1234zx (talk) 23:18, June 20, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Hi!

      Thanks for your message!

      The cast credits are listed this way to highlight guest stars that are featured more frequently than others (eg. mrs. kim for say, 13 episodes versus drella for, say, 3). That we have no interest in altering.

      Adding the credits to every episode would be very welcome as so far few users have done so or conveyed interest in doing so.

      In terms of appearances, the main characters need not have it as they're in almost every episode. It would be put at the bottom of the character pages and structured this way:


      SEASON 1 (?/??)


      except for the main characters, where it'd be:



      Thanks again for your message and interest in helping the wiki! Hope this answered your questions!

      Kind regards,

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