• Heyyy,

    I'm currently putting together a print publication for my final major project at university (although I plan to continue with it afterwards) focusing on knitwear. I've written a feature on the preppy/ college scarf and mentioned Richard Gilmore at the Yale vs Harvard match. The image you've uploaded on here is perfect and I really want to include it in the article. I don't know if you are the correct person to ask but thought I'd try anyway. Is it free to use or subject to copyright?

    The image: Ted_Koppel%27s_Big_Night_Out?file=409emrich.jpeg



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    • Hiya,

      Thanks for your message! :)

      The file is copyrighted, but per US laws on 'fair use', for research it is permitted to use copyrighted photos, but specifically I am not certain. You can read more about it here

      Hope that helps! Good luck with your project and an early congrats on graduating! :)

      Kind regards,

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