• Hello, I'm wondering, why was the pages for Rory and Lorelai locked out for users? I hope it's not because a new user added same name info on Lorelai's page since her infobox already has her full name on it. If it wasn't locked, I would've helped revert it back before someone else changed it..

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    • I did that, I thought it looked nice. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to do that. I did not do anything on the Rory page, so I have no idea why thats locked.

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    • Luke's page is locked as well.

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    • Hi guys,

      Thanks for writing.

      I locked a few of the mains as a lot of mishap edits have been made on them in the last while. They don't really need any updates at the moment, so I'm letting them be for a bit. :)

      Kind regards

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    • Just to let you know a user keeps on vandalizing Matt Czuchry's page here and again. If you have time, can you tell them to stop doing that since it's a character's page? If they keep on doing it, can you suspend them until they stop? Because it's getting annoying this user is not editing his page for updates on his life, career, etc.

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    • A FANDOM user
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