The Second Troubadour is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Dave 'Gruber' Allen.


Although he only appears in four episodes, the Second Troubadour of Stars Hollow is a very recognizable character, perhaps because of his charm and humor. In addition, most of his appearances occur at monumental moments near the end of seasons.


- Episode 1.21 : He first appears as a troubadour who performs around town, dismaying the Town Troubadour. At a town meeting, Grant complains and trys to obtain a license as the only town troubadour. Although he wins, Grant and the Second Troubadour perform together on the street. We learn that he owns a Kinko's in Groton.

- Episode 2.17 : The Second Troubadour comes back and is intended to be the same character as the one who appeared in the first season. He is selling fruits and vegetables at a stand in the town square, which drives Taylor Doose crazy. Taylor refers to him as "that long-haired freak" and loses business from the produce being sold. While Taylor complains to the rest of the town at a town meeting, he finds out at the end of the episode that the Second Troubadour was only selling that which he grew in his garden himself and, after selling it all, is going to use the money to take a vacation.

- Episode 4.21 : At Liz and T.J.'s wedding, the Second Troubadour serves as the minister. He dresses in a Renaissance costume and sings a song comparing love to toys at the beginning of the ceremony. The song makes Lorelai, Luke, and Jess have to control their laughter. It is said that he was seen making out with Carrie Duncan at the wedding. Since most of those in the wedding were either friends of Liz and T.J. on the Renaissance Fair Circuit or townspeople, and the Second Troubadour does not seem to be a resident of Stars Hollow, we can assume that he was also involved in performing at Renaissance fairs.

- Episode 6.22 : In the last episode of the sixth season, we find out that Grant was "discovered" by an agent and chosen to open for Neil Young. As a result, literally hundreds of troubadour performers come to Stars Hollow looking for their big break. The only visiting performer that speaks is the original Second Troubadour, when he is approached by Taylor. He informs Taylor about Grant's discovery and why all of the performers are showing up.

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