The Puffs is an elite secret society Gilmore Girls.


Of all the secret societies at Chilton Preparatory School, there were only ten worth mentioning (according to Paris) and the Puffs had been number one for over fifty years. In Rory and Paris' year, they are lead by the 2002 Senior Class President, Francie Jarvis.

Members include: Sandra Day O'Connor (Leader in 1947 and '48), Francine Jarvis (Leader), Ivy (Francie's spokesperson), Lem (short for Lemon), Dijur, Lily, Celine, Lana, Asia, Anna, Paris Geller, and, temporaily, Rory. Rory joined when she sat down at a random table after being told she was not sociable enough.

She was later "kidnapped" by the group and brought to Chilton for a hazing of sorts. Every member of the Puffs was made to recite this peom: "I pledge myself to the Puffs, loyal I'll always be, a P to start, 2 F's at the end, and a U sitting in between." They then had to ring the headmaster's historical bell three times. However they were caught and most likely, most of them were suspended.

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