The Nanny and the Professor is the 10th episode of Season 4 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


The nanny is Michel's old rival, who has child-phobic Michel so paranoid he offers to play Mary Poppins to baby Davey. The professor is a famed academic who's dating a woman 40 years his junior: Paris.


Luke becomes overwhelmed by Lane's work ethic when he hires her to work at the diner. Rory is less than thrilled with the new man in Paris' life, especially when she learns that he's teaching her contemporary political fiction class. Lorelai asks Jason to keep their relationship a secret from her parents. Richard becomes intensely irritated when a walking tour benefiting the Historical Society visits the Gilmore home.






Michel – I'm being Punk'd. I know I'm being Punk'd.
Lorelai – I'm sorry, it's I know who Woody Allen's next leading lady's gonna be.
Rory – This guy's risking everything! His job, his reputation...
Lorelai – Yes, well, he'll always have Paris.
Jason – Cyrus was actually trained by the monks of New Skete.
Lorelai – So, how beautiful was she? Are we talking Catherine Zeta-Jones or the weird-looking Hilton sister?
Lorelai – Who are you, Hugh Hefner?
LorelaiFonzie used the bathroom as his office.
Lorelai – I watched The Daily Show.
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