This is Citizen Kane's house! Is there a moat?
—Sookie's first visit[src]
The Gilmore House is a location on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is a mansion situated in Hartford, Connecticut.


Emily and Richard Gilmore live in a large mansion in Hartford, Connecticut. This is the home in which Lorelai grew up. She lived there until the age of 16 as she got pregnant by her boyfriend Christopher Hayden. Soon after she left with her baby, (Rory) she got a job at the Independence Inn as a maid (where she later became manager).

Even though Lorelai moved out of the house when she was 16, her parents left her room as it was untouched. It still looks like Lorelai lives there. Also, after Emily saw where Lorelai and Rory used to live when Rory was first born at the Independence Inn, she designated a room for Rory. She decorated the room and even placed pjamas there for Rory to use if she ever visited. Rory only slept in the room for one episode after she had left her house in Stars Hollow due to an argument with Lorelai over her re-kindling of a relationship with her English teacher, Max Medina.

The Gilmore House is a very large house which also has a pool house where Rory lived when her and Lorelai argue about Rory leaving Yale, and also where Richard lives when Emily and Richard split up. This doesn't last long.

Lorelai often jokes about escaping from this house and enjoys telling people stories about it.


The ground floor consist of one dining room, a big corridor, one lounge, two living rooms, a kitchen, a small bath room and Richard's office. There is a big garden on the mansion with lots of plants that Emily is often seen tending to. In front of the main house is no grass and only pavement, but the area around the pool house is grassy.

The pool house consists of a kitchen, one living room, one bedroom and a bathroom. The main house has a basement and an attic that are mainly used as storerooms. There is at least three floors and one attic in the Gilmore house but it is very seldom shown in the series. At any rate there are at least 3 bedroom, Richard and Emily's bedroom with a very huge walk-in closet, Lorelai's bedroom and one second bedroom. Rory slept there once as the pool house was cluttered with furniture, two bathrooms and one dressing room in the first floor.


  • The Gilmore house was built in 1907 by a student of Stanford White, the famed architect.
  • They decided to let guided tours of the house be given, only for Richard to become exasperated and start correcting the tour guide's misinformation.