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Luke – She picked you
Jess – God knows why
Luke – She knows, that’s all that matters

Swan Song is the 14th episode of Season 3 of Gilmore Girls.


Lorelai takes Manhattan with Alex, Sookie, and Jackson. But she's concerned about leaving Rory and Jess alone. Not to worry. After the young lovers have a major blowout at Emily's, Jess walks out.


Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James
Keiko Agena as Lane Kim
Scott Patterson as Luke Danes
Jared Padalecki as Dean Forester
Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason
and Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore
Special Guest Star
Billy Burke as Alex Lesman[1]
Recurring cast
Liz Torres as Miss Patty
Emily Kuroda as Mrs. Kim
Jackson Douglas as Jackson Belleville
Adam Brody as Dave Rygalski
Guest starring
Todd Lowe as Zack Van Gerbig
John Cabrera as Brian Fuller


  • While Jess tells Emily that he is a carnivore, Milo Ventimiglia is a vegetarian in real life.


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Lorelai – Hey, you know what Gran needs?
Emily – What?
Lorelai – A fella.
RoryWith or without an umbrella.
Lorelai – It's like a Dean Martin roast.
Rory – Those are never funny to me.
Lorelai – Yeah. They're mean.
Rory – Except for Don Rickles.
Lorelai – You and Dean have mutual friends in common that Rory and I don't? Who would that be? The Talbots, or that senior partner at Deloitte & Touche?
Jess – Find somebody who vaguely resembles me, take him. Just don't kiss him goodnight.
Rory – That's not going to work.
JessAndy Warhol did it all the time.
Miss Patty – Kind of like what Elaine Stritch did on Broadway, but without the bitterness.
Miss Patty – Did you know that I once met the great Bette Davis? I was a chorus girl in a bus-and-truck tour of Guys and Dolls. Beantown. I love that town.
Luke – Saw Hairspray last week.
Lorelai – I cannot picture you watching Hairspray.
Luke – It was okay. I liked The Producers better.
Lorelai – Aren't we just a Broadway baby?
Lorelai – I came up here for a book. It's one of Luke's.
Jess – Well, if it doesn't have Encyclopedia Brown in the title, that narrows it down a lot.
Luke – Rory and Jess?
Lorelai – No. Ben and J. Lo.
Lorelai – I knew each piece of clothing I had to bring, down to the Spice Girls necklace I plan to wear Saturday morning for breakfast because we agreed to keep it a little whimsical.
Rory – So, not your Jonas Salk necklace.
Lorelai – Then after, he and Paulie are hitting the Bada Bing.
Rory – Your stretchy jeans and your Bunny Ranch T-shirt.
Lorelai – You're guaranteed a great Norma Desmond-style breakfast the next morning.
Alex – I saw Moose Murders. This stinks worse.
Jess – Get a clue, Columbo.

Notes and references[]

  1. Last appearance of Alex Lesman