Stars Hollow High School is a location on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is located in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


Their school colors are red and white, and the teams are the Minutemen. Rory attended Stars Hollow High before she attended Chilton. Lane, Dean, and Jess attended as well. Stars Hollow High was where Luke attended high school, where he lettered in track. His track team went to State on several occasions, a sticking point with Luke who doesn't feel track gets as much publicity as it deserves, especially in comparison to the hockey team, of which Dean is a member. Stars Hollow High says the Pledge of Allegiance in 6 different languages.

Through a sign outside of the school, the pilot establishes the school as "Division Champs, 1997-98", and hallway signs indicate that the school has a French club. There is also a small German club, but according to Rory, two of the three members left to join the French club after seeing Schindler's List. Typical of many high schools, the school also has a marching band and a cheerleader squad, both of which Lane is a member of in her time at the school.


  • Lorelai and Luke are asked to give presentations on how to run a successful business.[1]
  • Miss Patty and Babette performed the National Anthem at one of the SH hockey games. Kirk MC'ed.[2]

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