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Stars Hollow is a fictional town on Gilmore Girls. It is located 30 miles from Hartford, Connecticut. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive to Hartford and 40 minutes on the bus.


Stars Hollow is a small town of just under 10,000 residents who live very interconnected lives. The town boasts multiple festivals throughout the year, including the Firelight Festival which celebrates the town's founding. Much of the town's business is settled at democratic Town Meetings, held at Miss Patty's Dance School. The Revolutionary War plays a frequent role in the town's history.


Town Square

The Unnamed Main Street (North), from West to East

  • Luke's Diner
  • Taylor's Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe (Replaces Gabby's Flower Shop)
  • Gabby's Flower Shop (Replaced by the Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe)
  • Stars Hollow Bank (Becomes Library).
  • Stars Hollow Library (Replaces Bank).
  • Doose's Market
  • Samantha Leigh's Bakery (Replaced by SH Beauty)
  • Stars Hollow Beauty Supply (Replaces Samantha Leigh's Bakery, Replaced by Eastside Dental)
  • Eastside Dental (Replaces SH Beauty)
  • Post Office
  • Antonioli's (owned by Luigi, Mama, Angelo, Gina, Maria, and Guido)]]
  • Hotel Densmore
  • Stars Hollow Books (replaced by Mailboxes, etc. in S4E19, but returns).]]
  • Mailboxes, etc. (replaces SH Books in S4E19).
  • Throughout S1-7, there is an unnamed street headed north that links up with Cherry Street, however in A Year In The Life, it becomes the location of the "Secret Bar").
  • KC's Tavern (Replaced by Chamber of Commerce and SH Gazette in A Year In The Life).
  • KC's annex - takeout food.
  • S&K Gallery
  • Stars Hollow Shoe Repair (owned by Pasqualie).

The Unnamed Easterly Street, from North to South

  • Le Chat Club (Replaces Guy's Vintage Clothing in S1E20).
  • A Theatre (*It does not have a name on the door, but according to a Season 2 extra. Replaced by Baco's Sports Shop).

The Unnamed Westerly Street, from North to South (Goes behind the school)

  • Independence Inn
  • Miss Patty's School of Ballet (West Side)
  • Sal's Deli (Replaced by The Hungry Diner) (West Side). Moves behind Chat Club.
  • The Hungry Diner (Replaces Sal's) (West Side)
  • Bootsy's Newsstand (West Side)
  • Holly's Stationery Store (West Side). Renamed Lena's Stationery Store (S5E2). Moves behind Chat Club.
  • Fire Station
  • The Law Offices of Jaworski & Friedman (East Side)
  • Guy's Vintage Clothing (Replaced by SH Arcade in S4E15, East Side)
  • Stars Hollow Arcade (Replaces Guy's Vintage Clothing in S4E15, East Side)
  • Stars Hollow Chamber of Commerce (Together with SH Video, replaces World Travel in S2E12). (East Side)
  • Stars Hollow Video (Replaces World Travel). (East Side)
  • World Travel (Becomes Chamber of Commerce and SH Video). (East Side)
  • Weston Bakery (East Side).
  • Dean and Lindsay's House (around the corner from Weston's).
  • Lake

Maple Tree Lane (Going South from the Church)

  • Hewes Bros Gas & Service Station (Gypsy's Garage, corner of Maple Tree Lane, and another unnamed SE street)
  • The Gilmore House
  • Babette's House
  • Gelston House (Maple Tree Lane, a hotel just outside of Stars Hollow, on the way to Chilton S1E2).

Elm Street (Going South from the Square)

Peach Street (Southernmost Street seen, connecting Elm and Maple)

  • Dean's House (On the corner of Elm and Peach. 128 Peach Street.)

Cherry Street (Northeasterly from the Main Street, between the Bank and Doose's, from SW to NE)

  • Pharmacy (replaced by Sophie's Music).
  • Faretta's Barber (Replaced by Steve's unknown business]).
  • Sophie's Music (replaces Pharmacy).
  • Nancy's Cottage of Calicos (replaced by Bessie's Butcher).
  • Bessie's Butcher (replaces Nancy's Cottage of Calico's in S5E1).

Location Unknown

  • Lila's Cafe (never seen from outside, S7E9).

Yet To Be Placed

Businesses Not Seen, but Mentioned

  • Al's Pancake World
  • Teriyaki Joe's
  • Jojo's Burgers
  • Roya's Good Bread (van, S1E9).
  • Stars Hollow Animal Hospital (van, S1E5). On the Luke/Lorelai map, it is behind KC's.
  • Plumbing Supply Store (mentioned, S2E10).
  • Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights.
  • Tricky's Dry Cleaner.
  • Grandy's (cleaning supplies).
  • The Linen Closet (Rory carries bags with the logo in S7E2).
  • Stars Hollow Garden Centre (S5E3).

NB: Full map of Stars Hollow is a work in progress.


Real Estate[]


Here follows an estimate of the house prices in Stars Hollow.[1]


  • The population of Stars Hollow is 9,973.[2]
  • The streets had pleasant small-town names, such as Maple Tree Lane, Peach Street, and 2nd Avenue, before they were changed to the original names as when the town was founded in 1779 (such as Sores and Boils Alley).[3]
  • The Dragonfly Inn is on 3rd Street.[3]
  • Map of Stars Hollow
  • The Warner Brother's lot, where Stars Hollow was filmed after the pilot, was also used as the set for Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars (2010).


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