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Stars Hollow is a fictional town on Gilmore Girls. It is located 30 miles from Hartford, Connecticut. It takes approximately half an hour to reach Hartford, 40 minutes on the bus.


Stars Hollow is a very small town and, as a result, its residents live very interconnected lives, at times too involved in one another's personal affairs. The town boasts multiple festivals throughout the year, likely as a large source of its revenue comes from tourism. Most of the town's official business is settled at its democratic Town Meetings, where all citizens get to arbiter legal matters (as the town has yet to establish an official court of law). The Revolutionary War plays a frequent role in the town's past. But what really makes this town so special are the people living there and the businesses that are very popular.



NB: Full map of Stars Hollow is a work in progress.


Real Estate


Here follows an estimate of the house prices in Stars Hollow.[1]


  • The population of Stars Hollow is 9,973.[2]
  • Streets were named Peach Street (where Dean lives) and 2nd Avenue, as examples, before Taylor Doose as Town Selectman changed the names back to those they had when the town was founded in 1779.[3]
  • The Dragonfly Inn is on 3rd Street.[3]
  • Lane lives on Elm Street.
  • Map of Stars Hollow
  • When you see a birds eye view of Stars Hollow it is the same picture that they use for Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars (2010)


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