Wikipedia defines a spoiler as a:

[S]ummary or description of a narrative (or part of a narrative) that relates plot elements not revealed early in the narrative itself. Moreover, because enjoyment of the plot depends on dramatic tension and suspense, this early revelation of plot elements "spoils" the enjoyment that consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced.

Spoilers may pose a problem for many visitors who've yet to view all of the episodes. Gilmore Girls is to aired all over the world and some countries may not have seen all of the episodes. The policy at the Gilmore Girls Wiki is that information from any episode that has had it's first airing anywhere in the world is fair game for inclusion on this site. Viewers watching the show at post original airtimes are cautioned when browsing this site, again, because it will contain spoilers. Spoiler warnings are NOT given for already aired episodes. In general, information from unaired episodes is not to be included on the Gilmore Girls Wiki.