Shira Huntzberger is a guest character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Leann Hunley.


Shira is the mother of Logan and Honor Huntzberger and the wife of Mitchum Huntzberger. She is on the Pediatric Hospital Committee with Emily Gilmore and was good friends with her. She is a smoker more so when stressed and believes women are born for nothing more than socializing and taking care of house, husband and that women should not work.

During the first DAR event, Emily and Richard find out that Lorelai wasn't lying when she told them that the Huntzbergers told Rory that she wasn't good enough for their family. So when Emily moves her to a center table she tells her that Rory and Logan will be together and long as they want to. Then in response Shira tells Emily that their money is inadequate compared to theirs. However, Emily calls her a gold digger and asks her what bar she met her husband at, and walks away, leaving Shira embarrassed at the table.


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