You do or say anything to upset Jess and make it harder for me to keep him on the right path, I'm gonna put your head through a wall
—Luke to Jimmy Mariano

Say Goodnight, Gracie is the 20th episode of Season 3 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


The Great Party Brawl of 2003 is over, but so much else is just beginning: Jess's loser father shows up, Dean and Lindsay are engaged, and Fran the bakery lady dies, which means the Dragonfly may be for sale.


Both Rory and Jess avoid one another when they find it difficult to deal with their emotions after the fight at the party. When Lorelai and Sookie learn that the owner of the Dragonfly Inn has passed away, they see their chance to buy the inn of their dreams. Much to Jess' surprise his long-lost father, Jimmy, shows up in Stars Hollow and introduces himself to Jess, then suddenly leaves town. Luke is furious when he learns Jess has flunked out of high school and gives him an ultimatum to repeat his senior year or leave. Rory finds out that Dean is engaged to be married. Lane's beau, Dave, pleads his case to a stoic Mrs. Kim.


Alright. You can go to the prom, but you cannot get married!
—Mrs. Kim to Dave



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semper fidelis | JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA
suffragette city | DAVID BOWIE







Lorelai – Are you sure she's gonna want that back? It's been left alone all night at a keg party. There's no getting it over that. That backpack is permanently scarred. That backpack is Zelda Fitzgerald.
Lorelai – Did they bring the paddy wagon?
Rory – Yeah, but then we snuck out the back of the speakeasy and headed straight for the Algonquin.
Lorelai – How was Benchley?
Rory – Drunk again.
Lane – After I finished with my Farrelly Brothers audition in the bushes.
Lane – It was more Stepford than cold -- very calm, very serene.
Taylor – The day we all thought would never get here has arrived.
KirkArbor Day?
Taylor – No.
KirkThe day of reckoning?
Taylor – No.
KirkThe day the music died?
Jess – Where the hell have you been? The place is a freaking zoo. Every table's full and I've got Sammy Davis Jr. here thinking it's the Desert Inn.
Lorelai – If we're meant to have the Dragonfly Inn, then we're meant to have it.
Sookie – Right. Like Doris Day.
Lorelai: Que sera....
Sookie: ...sera.