Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller is the Season 5 premiere of the WB drama Gilmore Girls.


Things couldn't be better/worse. The inn's test run is a success. Lorelai and Luke's fledgling romance takes wing. Emily and Richard's marriage is in shreds. Rory and Lorelai aren't talking after Rory's liaison with Dean.


Things are still tense between Lorelai and Rory. Emily announces that she and Richard have separated. Sookie is ecstatic to learn that Luke and Lorelai kissed. Dean provokes an argument with an unsuspecting Lindsay after his indiscretion with Rory.

Emily decides to go to Europe and invites Rory to accompany her. Lorelai and Luke are very tentative with each other the day after until they are able to reassure each other that they're on the right path. Luke heads off to Maine for a week to help Liz and T.J. after an accident.


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Richard – Emily, this feud of ours has now reached comical heights that Charlie Chaplin himself would find hilarious, and he's dead.
Sookie – Hey! It's a party. What's everybody doing up?
Lorelai – Aw, hey, good timing, Squiggy.
Sookie – Call me Belinda, because my lips are sealed!
Lorelai – You scared me!
Emily – Like I'm Dracula.
Emily – Who else did you tell?
Lorelai – So, you haven't read Page Six?
Rory – So, what is this, a Henry James novel? The young lady acts up, and her family ships her off to Europe?
Lorelai – Well, if it isn't Dean Moriarty.
Lorelai: Very chivalrous of you.
Luke: Yeah, I'm a regular Lancelot.