Santa's Secret Stuff is the 11th episode of Season 7 on CW drama Gilmore Girls.


Lorelai and Christopher put the holidays on hold until Rory returns from London; Luke asks Lorelai to write a recommendation letter for his custody battle.


Rather than celebrating Christmas while Rory is in London over the holidays, Lorelai and Christopher decide to put their holidays on hold. Once Rory returns to Stars Hollow, they decorate several Christmas trees, do their shopping and even bake Christmas cookies for the first time as a family. Turning up unexpectedly at the inn, Luke asks Lorelai to write a character recommendation letter for his custody battle over April.

Lorelai struggles to write the letter until she and Rory run into Luke and April at the mall and Lorelai suddenly remembers how important Luke has always been in Rory's life. Inspired, Lorelai writes the letter and mails it to Luke's attorney. Rory decides she will write an apology letter to her friend Lucy, explaining why she and Marty kept their past friendship a secret.


  • "I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Bing Crosby



Lorelai: The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!
Lorelai: Oh, God. Did you pack Big Ben? I still think it was kind of risky.
Lorelai: That's like saying Lenny Bruce rips off Carrot Top or Woody Allen gets his material from what's his name – the guy with the watermelons.
Lorelai: Maybe it would help if Sharon Stone would appear to me in an alarming caftan and coo inspirational words in my ear.
Lorelai: A "lie of omission?" Isn't that an Ashley Judd–Morgan Freeman movie?
Zack: I wrote one song that was kind of White Stripes' "Little Ghost" meets the Decemberists meets Gulag Orkestar meets, like, "Losing my Religion" meets Jethro Burns on that Steve Goodman album meets "Battle of Evermore" meets The Smiths meets… some other stuff.
April: You make it sound like Pearl Harbor or something.
Zack: And Mick Jagger – that cat has like 15 kids, and he still goes out and rocks.