Robert is a character on Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Nick Holmes.


Robert is a rich white kid and a student at Yale University. He's arrogant, pompous and self-involved, much like his compatriates in the Life and Death Brigade. One a date with Rory he makes it known his sole goal in life is to cheat his siblings out of their inheritance and leave it to a parrot to spite his family.


Robert meets Rory through Logan Huntzberger. He attends the Life and Death Brigade event that Rory is invited to cover for the Yale Daily News.[1] A few months later, he attends a poker game that Logan hosts. While Rory and Logan are dating, but not exclusive, Rory tries to make Logan jealous by accepting Robert's offer to be his date at Finn's Quentin Tarantino-themed birthday party.[2]

The confused look on Rory's face when she says it makes it obvious that she made his last name up on the spot to appease her mother, which is later confirmed when Rory asks Robert what his last name is[2]. Robert is seen last while drunkenly planning a final Life and Death Brigade stunt in Costa Rica before graduation with Logan, Colin and Finn.[3]


You Jump, I Jump, Jack
Say Something
Pulp Friction
The Real Paul Anka


  • Robert's last name is unknown – Rory makes up a fake one to assure Lorelai that she knows him.

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