Archie – Did you hear that, David? Taylor Doose is in direct communication with God
David – Thirty years I’m working for God, I haven’t received so much as a card
Archie – Is it by phone that you speak with him, Taylor?
David – Do you have a God phone, Taylor?
—Having a bit of fun[src]
Rabbi Barans is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Alan Blumenfeld.


David Barans is the resident Stars Hollow Rabbi, sharing quarters with Reverend Skinner in the town's makeshift church/synagogue. The two holy men are very good friends, and share the same sense of humour, often making light of the world in a disarming, comforting way. Both are particularly annoyed by Taylor Doose's excessive demands regarding town matters. Rabbi Barans is generally well-liked in Stars Hollow and fits in well with the unique of characters that make up the town.

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