Pennilyn Lott is a guest character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Linda Gehringer.


Pennilyn was Richard Gilmore's girlfriend and later fiancée, while he was a student at Yale.[1] Richard broke off their engagement to be with Emily.[1][2] In spite of this, their relationship has remained more than cordial, as they meet for lunch once a year as old friends to catch up and thereby still be somewhat involved in each other's lives.

Pennilyn seems to be a calm, very sweet, friendly and kind woman, with a respectable air about her and a peaceful demeanor.[3] She and Lorelai meet briefly and get on quite well, much to Emily's displeasure.[3] Pennilyn is very respectful towards Emily as well. Pennilyn is happily married and has children.[3]


  • She's first mentioned by Richard, who tells Rory that he was engaged to her.[1]
  • This prompts Emily's comment 'that mouse?'[1]
  • Richard calls her Lynnie Lott.[1]
  • Upon meeting Pennilyn, Lorelai calls her 'my almost-mommy'.
  • Richard's mother thought Pennilyn was a much more suitable wife for Richard than Emily, and she wrote Richard a letter begging him to call off his wedding to Emily and reconcile with Pennilyn just the night before wedding and kept the copy of the letter.[4]
  • Pennilyn did not tell her husband about lunching with Richard either.

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