Bye, Paul Anka! Thank you for letting me scratch your butt for an hour!
—Miss Patty[src]

Paul Anka is a character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Sparky.


Paul Anka, originally named Cocoa, is the dog that Lorelai Gilmore adopts during her estrangement from Rory Gilmore in Season 6 and he remains her dog through Season 7 and presumably into the future. He plays a pretty important role throughout Season 6, because Lorelai treats him in many ways, like a second child. She adopts him from the Petfinder convention Stars Hollow has every year. He is named after the singer Paul Anka, the artist who wrote the popular 1960s song "Puppy Love" for Annette Funicello.

He is a pretty strange dog, simply because he has many quirks. He won't walk down the front steps without having something be put down first. He is scared of peas, tissue-holders, lint, paperbacks, CD's, framed pictures and popcorn. He doesn't like any of the normal dog toys, like rawhide bones and squeaky toys. He also doesn't like when Lorelai or anyone for that matter watches him eat. He likes his own fork, and enjoys his hamburgers rare. He doesn't like when someone's wearing a watch when they approach him. He cannot see the leash being put on him, but is fine once it is on. He can also get through doors, somehow--and has actually locked car doors before.

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