Paris and Doyle is a relationship on Gilmore Girls, portrayed by Liza Weil and Danny Strong.


Paris and Doyle meet for the first time when she and Rory try out for staff positions at the Yale Daily News, where Doyle is the editor-in-chief. Doyle is quickly impressed with Paris's tenacity and not, like many others, frightened by Paris passionate, iron will persona. Following Paris's loss of Asher Fleming, she and Doyle embark on a no-strings relationship at first, but Paris is eager to define their relationship, wanting something more substantial. They start dating and remain together for the rest of the series. Whether they are still a couple in the revival, only time will tell.


When Paris and Doyle meet, Paris is already in a secret relationship with Asher Fleming, but there is a palpable chemistry and mutual respect between the two, as Doyle is Paris' editor, but Paris is unrelenting in her journalistic efforts, as she is in life, which Doyle acknowledges and seems to consider proper journalism for the Yale Daily News. Doyle is the first guy seen to not be either averse to Paris or yielding at her intensity – well, maybe except for Jess, but he was interested in Rory – and their interactions are always that of equals expressing each their concerns freely. While Doyle is at times exasperated at Paris, he always seems to admire her tenacity and Paris doesn't deem Doyle incompetent like she has other authority figures, eg. at Chilton.