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When Luke wants to do something about Liz's latest boyfriend, who seems to be yet another life-sapping loser, Jess accuses him of being a know-it-all buttinski...and Luke takes the criticism to heart.

Plot outline

Jess' attempts to keep a low profile until Gypsy completes the repairs are not always successful. Taylor puts Kirk in charge of the annual Firelight Festival. Lane follows Rory back to Stars Hollow and a place on the Gilmore couch for the weekend, but isn't quite ready to face her mother. Emily is in a dither about filling a table at a benefit and enlists the help of Lorelai and Jason. Luke is less than impressed by Liz's latest business venture and newly-arrived boyfriend. Richard is suspicious of Jason's father's friendly greeting at the benefit. Jess makes a startling declaration to Rory before he leaves town.


  • "Mona Lisa" by Grant Lee Phillips

Movie References

Pop Culture References

Lorelai: We've got a stranger in our house.
Rory: Robert Downey, Jr.?

Lorelai: Did anyone ever think that Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy, she was just cold?

Lorelai: So on a wigged-out level of one to ten, Mom is at -
Rory: Frances Farmer?

Speaker: Because without it, we would just be stuck rooting around Nag Hammadi.

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