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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message. I apologise, I actually meant to leave you a message about this, but got away from it! I rolled back your edits as the pages in question are categorised by businesses in SH and SH in general (ie. Lorelai's house, the high school etc.). The locations category is used mainly for locations falling outside this category, such as the Huntzberger mansion and the Yale page.

    So, anyway, that's the setup. You're of course welcome to put it up for discussion whether the wiki should change this to another categorisation.

    Hope that helps :)

    Kind regards

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    • Seems kind of a confusing way to do it, but okay.

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    • Hiya!

      Got inspired by our conversation about this, so the categories have gotten a bit of an overhaul now!

      Just wanted to say thanks! ;)

      Kind regards,

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    • Cool! I spend a lot of time thinking about categories and how to make them user-friendly, becuase I run four wikis now and I want to make everything as intuitive as possible. Makes it less confusing for new users.

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    • Our biggest category headings are characters, locations, artifacts, and episodes. Then characters and episodes are broken down by season, plus there are character categories for patients, paramedic, nurses, and doctors because it's a medical show. Hospitals and Private Practices are sub-categories of location.

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