Max & Lorelai is a romance on Gilmore Girls, portrayed by Lauren Graham and Scott Cohen.


Lorelai and Max meet at a Chilton Parent Night and instantly find affinity for one another, Max clearly smitten with Lorelai.[1] After deliberating whether or not Rory will be too affected by their dating, they start a whirlwind romance[2], which ends when Lorelai gets scared of getting serious with Max.[3]

News also spread at Chilton and Max decides to take a break to think. Lorelai seeks him out again[4] and they start up slowly, culminating in Max' impromptu proposal[5], which Lorelai accepts. Though set to wed in late summer[6], Lorelai leaves town with Rory to avoid the wedding[7][8], effectively ending the relationship.

She bumps into Max about a year later and a short while after they share a kiss, but nothing comes of it.[9]


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