Marilyn Gilmore is a guest character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Marion Ross.


Marilyn is Trix's niece and Richard's cousin. She appears to be a little older than Richard, and possibly in her mid sixties. Marylin first appears in the episode of her Aunt's death, the Reigning Lorelai. She asks Lorelai about barglasses she plans on taking due to them being of valuble, but Lorelai lies and says she hasn't seem them.

She appears to know a lot about her Aunt, and tells stories. Rory even listens to some of them. She's the one who refers to Lorelai as the Reigning Lorelai, and also the one who points out that Trix is very fond of her, even showing her photo off. Marylin returns and appears at Richard and Emily's reconcilation party.


  • She only appears in two episodes.
  • According to Emily, she is notorious in the Gilmore family for secretly nicking heirlooms ahead of everyone else.
  • Played by Marion Ross, who also plays Trix. Her first mention and appearance is right after Trix's death.
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