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Madeline Lynn is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Shelly Cole.


Madeline is a Chilton student and oldest friend of Paris Geller. Along with Louise Grant, she helps Paris intimidate Rory in the early episodes when Paris was threatened by Rory's presence. She has short brunette hair and is rather dim, but reasonably friendly. She drops out of college after graduating Chilton and spends most of her time with her friend Louise Grant. Though initially hostile to Rory, as the series progresses, she, Rory, Louise and Paris all become better friends - or at least lesser enemies. She never seems to hate Rory and doesn't understand why they are mad at her half the time. She also frequently forgets when she is or is not supposed to be nice and friendly towards Rory in the first and second season.


  • She has a little brother; when she, Rory, Louise, and Paris all have to work on a project together, she can't offer her house as she said that he had the measles.
  • Upon graduating Chilton she headed to Mills College (women's college in Oakland) as that was the only place she got into. However, she claims that she hadn't even unpacked her shoes by the time she dropped out.
  • She hates the word blood.