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The Festival Of Living Pictures is yet another one of those crazy festivals Stars Hollow is hosting.


During the festival, many famous pieces of art are portrayed with actual human beings that are standing still. At the 2004 festival, Kirk plays Jesus in "The last supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, and takes his role a little bit too seriously, shunning the person who poses as the character of Judas. Lorelai is not cast in the festival at first, because Taylor claims that she flinched while portraying the "Renoir Girl" at the festival seven years before.

Lorelai is very upset about this, and ends up talking Taylor into letting her play the Renoir Girl again, adding that she is the spitting image of said girl. Rory is recruited by Taylor to play the featured painting that Stars Hollow is adding to the original set of paintings. During the festival, just as Lorelai is posing as the Renoir girl, Sookie's baby pager goes off. Luckily, Lorelai does not flinch, but as soon as the curtain closes, Lorelai and Rory rush off to meet Sookie.


  • A different Connecticut town is asked to host each year.
  • Stars Hollow hosted in 1997 and 2004. Assuming hosting occurs every seven years, the latest Stars Hollow festival would have been held in 2011.
  • the Town Troubadour portrays Judas in the 2004 Last Supper tableau.
  • This is the only episode of Gilmore Girls to ever win an Emmy.