Like Mother, Like Daughter is the 7th episode of Season 2 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


Rory (Alexis Bledel) realizes she is perceived as a loner, and her reluctant efforts to socialize land her in the most popular clique at Chilton, while Lorelai (Lauren Graham) volunteers the Inn as a venue for a Chilton fund-raising fashion show and is horrified to find herself modeling matching outfits with her mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop).


Rory is told that her antisocial tendencies at Chilton are frowned upon and she must better socialize herself. She does so, accidentally tangling herself up in a secret sorority known as The Puffs, and however unwanted the connection is; it reconciles Paris and Rory's damaged relationship. The inn crowd hosts a school fashion show that features Lorelai and Emily in matching outfits... Sookie and Lorelai decide to move forward in opening their own inn.


Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James
Yanic Truesdale as Michel Gerard
Scott Patterson as Luke Danes
Liza Weil as Paris Geller
Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore
Edward Herrmann as Richard Gilmore

Guest starring

Dakin Matthews as Hanlin Charleston
Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason
Emily Bergl as Francie Jarvis
Agatha Drake as Ivy
Hilary Angelo as Lemon
Madeline Zima as Lisa
Brenda Strong as Eva
Nicole Eggert as Aubrey
Katie Layman as Ginger
Shannon Cochran as Meena



know your onion | THE SHINS
girls just wanna have fun | CYNDI LAUPER
it's alright, baby | KOMEDA
looks like we made it | BARRY MANILOW







Lorelai – Maybe he has a secret life -- Maybe he's got a little chippie stowed away in Mount Pilot!
Rory – Suddenly I'm living with Zsa Zsa Gabor
Lorelai – Yeah, look Fat Albert. Get me a soda.
Rory – Paris, it's not the Cosa Nostra
RorySandra Day O'Connor was a Puff?
Francie – Well, no one has proof. It's just folklore.
Ivy – Like Snow-White and Rose-Red
Francie – Or Mariah Carey's crackup.
Rory – I tell ya, she's a regular Gary Mule Deer
Rory(about the Puffs' oath) Anne Sexton, right?
Francie – [[wikipedia:Gypsy_(musical)|Sing out Louise!]
Rory – I end up here with the Ya-Ya Sisterhood