Knit, People, Knit is the 9th episode of Season 7 on CW drama Gilmore Girls.


Lorelai brings Christopher to the town Knit-A-Thon and Rory confronts Marty at Lucy's birthday party, while Luke is occupied with the birth of Liz's baby and Anna's announcement that she's moving to New Mexico.


Stars Hollow holds a knit-a-thon to raise money When Christopher questions Lorelai about why she has avoided involving him in the daily life of Stars Hollow, she admits her concern that her old friends may not accept him. Christopher makes an effort to bond with the townspeople, and Lorelai brings him to the town knit-a-thon, where his well-intentioned gesture brings the event to an early end. Emily pushes for a wedding party for Christopher and Lorelai.

When Olivia throws a 2002-themed birthday party for Lucy, Rory gets her chance to confront Marty about his coldness toward her. Rory and Marty have some awkward moments, and it's clear Marty still has a thing for Rory. Finally, Luke is touched by the birth of Liz and T.J.’s baby, and when he learns that Anna is planning to move to New Mexico with April, to take care of her ailing mother, he demands equal rights as a parent.




  • A Brief History of Time


  • A Tale of Two Cities


Richard – Lorelai couldn't have been more than, what, 8 or 10 years old? But she was very definite about the whole thing. She looked me directly in the eye, and she said, "When I grow up, I'm going to marry Tip O'Neill!"
Christopher – Well, good morning, Madame Defarge.
Christopher – So what's for breakfast, Martha Stewart?
Rory – Of course! And I have boots.
Lucy – Oh my God, so did we!
Olivia – We are gonna Ugg up!
Luke – So, what are you up for tonight? I was thinking we could rent A Brief History of Time again. Maybe I'll understand something more than the credits.
Lorelai – It's very Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars.
Lorelai – It was a great move – a Fred-and-Ginger-type move. It's just a brisk fall day.
Marty – Can't you tell? I'm huge. I'm massive. I'm Marty Schwarzenegger.