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Kim's Antiques is a business in WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is located in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


Mrs. Kim's store in Stars Hollow. It is overstuffed with furniture for sale, and the Kim family lives upstairs. They have a strict 'you break, you buy' policy.[1] Lorelai, at one point, purchases a chair in the store.[2] When Rory brings Emily to a day in Stars Hollow, they stop by the shop and Rory gets to witness a champions' face-off between Emily Gilmore and Mrs. Kim.[3] When Dean kisses Rory and she runs to talk to Lane, the store appears to be located on the Town Square, opposite of Doose's Market.[2]


Mr. Kim
Mrs. Kim
Lane Kim


  • Mrs. Kim at times appears to be a savvy businesswoman, as when a customer requests proof of authentication and Mrs. Kim says she's write one up.
  • Lane makes deliveries for the shop.
  • Their is no tv, or any electronic equipment and it is like Amish Community there.


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