You! You can make fun of me all you want to today, 'cause today I am a god. Today, Mother Nature has bowed down to me
—Jackson to Michel about his rasquat joy[src]

Jackson Belleville is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Jackson Douglas.


Jackson is a farmer and the produce supplier for the Independence Inn and later at the Dragonfly Inn. Jackson is a friendly, happy guy, but also witty, with a sarcastic sense of banter with Sookie and Lorelai. As his and Sookie's relationship becomes a marriage, Jackson is a bit more subdued toward the women. He sometimes tends to live his own world, his reaction to Sookie first telling him she's pregnant to cram numbers and retreat into his head for a while.[1] He's also very protective and supportive of his wife[2] and likes to joke around with his friends[3], and develops a good friendship with Lorelai. He frequently gets into fights with Sookie about the quality of his vegetables.

Series arc

Sookie asks him out[4] and their first date is an awkward double date with Lorelai and Jackson's cousin Rune, but once they ditch Rune and Lorelai, they have a good time together.[5] Jackson proposes to Sookie during the "Stars Hollow Bid on a Basket Fundraiser", and they marry in a beautiful spring outdoor ceremony at the Independence Inn.[6] They have two children, Davey (born in 2003) and Martha (born in 2005), and in 2007 Sookie is pregnant with their third child. Jackson defeats Taylor Doose to become Town Selectman.[7] However, he dislikes being Town Selectman, and eventually Taylor takes over the position.


You know what, I'm not even gonna charge you for these. I am not going to profit off the death of creativity. I would rather starve myself than know that my food was paid for by the lowered expectations of the American public
—Jackson to Sookie[src]


  • Jackson took a lot of courses at a learning center including How To Write A Diary.
  • Jackson went to high school with Andrew.[7]
  • Jackson's squabbles with Sookie sometimes result in him being rant-prone. This expands to a full blown character trait as the series progresses.
  • Among Jackson's famed cross-pollination creations are the (dubbed by Sookie) 'Zucchini tush'[4] and the Rasquat (Raspberry-Kumquat).[8]
  • Jackson has a hard time waking up in the morning, half-slumbering on and unable to converse, but recalls conversations in this wakening period some hours, sometimes days, later.[9]
  • Jackson was adopted, being mentioned in "Always A Godmother, Never A God".


Rasquats and references

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