Introducing Lorelai Planetarium is the 8th episode of Season 7 on CW drama Gilmore Girls.


LORELAI TELLS RORY THE NEWS – Lorelai (Lauren Graham) invites Rory (Alexis Bledel) over to dinner to tell her that she and Christopher (David Sutcliffe) got married in Paris. Rory pretends to be thrilled while Christopher is in the room, but later tells Lorelai how hurt and angry she really is. Back in town for the start-up of his new internet company, Logan (Matt Czuchry) invites Rory to the launch party, where she meets a magazine editor who suggests she write an article on the event. Rory writes a judgmental article, describing the guests as spoiled elitists. Logan is hurt and angry, accusing Rory of hypocrisy since she is living rent-free in his apartment. Defensive at first, Rory realizes she is living a double standard and decides to find her own apartment. Meanwhile, when April (Vanessa Marano) faces a medical emergency, a frantic Luke (Scott Patterson) turns to Lorelai for help.



  • Norma Rae
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • The Philadelphia Story


  • The Jetsons


  • Ironweed


  • Synchronicity by The Police


Christopher – And you know what else might work? One of those electronic fish – What do they call it? – the Big Mouth Billy Bassfish.
Lorelai – It's so "Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy."
Female guest – And she showed me her ring, this huge canary diamond. Looked like something Paris Hilton would wear.
Logan – Hugo spent two years working at The New York Times, another couple at Slate, and then the Paris Review under George Plimpton.
Logan – You clearly think you are. Why? Because you read Ironweed? 'Cause you saw Norma Rae?
April – Did you not see An Inconvenient Truth?
Lorelai – This is my Police Synchronicity t-shirt. I have been missing this for 22 years!
Lorelai – No. I don't want to be Mrs. Hayden Planetarium for the rest of my life.
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