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Honor Huntzberger is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by actress Devon Sorvari.


Honor is Logan Huntzberger's sister. She appears as a kind, preppy and somewhat unfazed by the majestic environment in which she and her brother were raised. Honor does have a fair few friends, who appear to be part of the high society circle and somewhat shallow, while Honor herself seems goodnatured.


Honor makes her first appearance waiting in Logan's suite at Yale, to announce that she is going to marry Josh, and that Logan needs to come home for dinner, so that their parents will be in a good mood. She meets Rory for the first time here too and proceeds to spill embarrassing childhood secrets about Logan.[1]

Honor at family dinner

At dinner the Huntzbergers are fine with Josh as a part of their family (though they don't seem to like him very much) as opposed to Rory, who fails in the archetypical wife-of-a-CEO category of the life the family has mapped out for Logan. Honor and Rory get along almost instantly and she considers Rory a friend. Honor inadvertently breaks up with Rory for Logan when she tells Rory how annoyed she is with Logan over Logan and Rory breaking up, which Rory thought was just a break.[2] Honor is in touch with Rory again when Logan is hospitalized following his accident in Costa Rica, trying to get a flight back to the U.S. from her honeymoon with Josh.[3]


  • Honor smokes cigarettes, like her mother, Shira.
  • She has four bridesmaids at her wedding.

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