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Henry Cho is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Eddie Shin.


Henry is a Chilton student whom Lane secretly dates in season 1 and 2. He's smart, cute and funny, and a great dancer[1]. He and Lane meet at Madeline's party, which Rory attends in an attempt to forget Dean. While Lane at first is hesitant to dance with Henry and sets up a 'get-out' code with Rory in case Lane doesn't like him, she quickly becomes infatuated with him and gives him her number.

Henry and Lane talk on the phone through decoy-Rory, who connects the calls.

Henry is a "potential Korean doctor". He has feelings for Lane but breaks up with her due to the fact that he can't take Lane on a regular date because of her strict Korean mother.


  • He called Lane 13 times, but hangs up when Mrs. Kim picks up the phone.
  • At one point he gets nervous and tries to sell her a subscription to the Wall Street Journal.
  • In Season 7, Episode 3 we find out Lane's mother at one point wanted her to date a different guy named Henry, but this guy was her second cousin, named "Henry Lee", and was apparently very short.

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