style manual

Welcome to the style manual! If you are not familiar with Wikis, please consider reading the Wiki help section first. These are the style guidelines for how to add content to this wiki!


Episodes include at minimum a synopsis, and an infobox filled out. If available otherwise, information is added in this order.


IF TITLE — Synopsis text.


: actor name as '''[[Character Name]]'''




Music featured in the episode (mentions of artists/songs go in the Gilmorisms music section below)

:'''song title in lower case''' | ARTIST NAME IN UPPER CASE


<gallery> </gallery>







That which does not apply to the four aforementioned categories


Please consult the wiki's photos before uploading any new images.

You can upload images by using the Special:Upload link on the toolbox bar on the left. You can use images in article by using the image keyword:


Images are to be of high quality, and, unless very rare, no smaller than 300x400 pixels in size.

When uploading images, give a title that easily catalogues the image eg. an image of an actor would be eg. bledel.jpeg.

Episode images should be titled for the season and episode number eg. 304 for episode 4 of Season 3, with a description of the image eg. 304roryjess.jpeg



Category:Stubs contains a list of all pages marked as a "Stub". A stub is an article that is incomplete and in need for expansion. If you would like to mark your new article as a stub, put a line like the following at the top:



Wanted pages on the other hand, is a list of articles waiting to be created, as they are linked by other articles, but are still devoid of content. Be mindful that they may have been linked to by mistake, and check that the wanted page is not misspelled/a copy of an already existing page.

Linking back

You can add a link to a "previous" page using

{{BackLink|title of site linking to}}
(without the commas) i.e. Stars Hollow


Templates are a tool to simplify repeating wiki markups, like the information boxes in the character and episode articles. Currently, the following templates are implemented:

Have a look at the example articles and their wiki source to find out how to use these templates, or follow the links given here for basic usage information.

If you feel up to it, you are welcome to improve those templates or add new ones. Be mindful though that breaking a template can break the appearance of many articles that might depend on it. In which case don't panic, just roll back to a previous version :)