Food is consumed very frequently on on the WB Drama Gilmore Girls.


The leads, Rory and Lorelai, are notorious for eating large quantities of food, as well as creating rituals that also involve the eating of food.


Lorelai and Rory

Both have similar tastes, and voracious appetites. Early on, it is established that they keep very little food in the house, and rely heavily on take out. Both are addicted to coffee.


  • Coffee - numerous instances
  • Chili cheese fries (1.01)
  • Cheeseburgers (1.03 and others)
  • Tacos and burritos (1.09)
  • Apple tarts (referred to in 1.10)
  • Chicken soup and pez (after being unable to locate coffee in the hospital) (1.10)
  • Pop tart appetizers (a stack of pop tarts with an apple)(1.13)

Emily Gilmore

The grandmother, Emily, with her various duties as a high society figure, is very particular about food and its presentation at various events she hosts, as well as the meals served in her home. She seems particularly enamored with various dishes involving salmon.


  • Cake with chocolate frosting (seen in 1.01)
  • Lobster puffs (reference in 1.02)
  • Cassoulet (1.03)
  • "Used" blueberry shortcake (1.03) - Emily turns up her nose at Lorelai's gift of leftovers.
  • Pudding because she knows Lorelai and Rory like it, but Lorelai says Emily thinks of pudding as hospital food only suitable for when you are having a vital organ removed (1.06)
  • Frozen pizza, eaten as a last resort since the cook is unavailable. Emily refers to it as food you'd eat at a carnival or a Turkish prison. (1.08)
  • Mashed bananas on toast (1.09), which she gave Lorelai when she was sick when little.

Luke Danes

In the pilot, Luke seems to be a health nut, saying "Red meat kills," when serving Lorelai her burger, and chastising Rory for eating chili cheese fries and drinking coffee (ep. 1.01). In later episodes, this character quirk seems to have been abandoned, and on a date, he severely dislikes the vegan dishes he is served. Fitting for his personality, he apparently has simple tastes, and says that he has never had lobster before eating at Logan's Martha's Vineyard house.


  • Peppermint tea over coffee.[1]
  • Carrot sticks as Lorelai consumes fries.[2]


  • Santa burger.[1]
  • Coffee cake.[3]

Michel Gerard

Finicky Michel follows a very strict no-carb diet and therefore counts multiple food items in his dishes, such as blueberries or walnuts.

Sookie St. James

Sookie is very adventurous and creative in preparing her food. She is famous for her risotto.


  • Peach sauce.[4]
  • Blueberry shortcake.[5]
  • Kiwi ice cream (proposed, unknown if prepared).[5]

Mrs. Kim

Mrs. Kim is a vegetarian, possibly for religious reasons, and is often seen preparing tofu as part of the Kim household meals. Her house guest from Korea, Kyon, is seen nearly fainting from a strict flax-seed only month.

Notes and recipes

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