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Gil is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Sebastian Bach.


Gil is the second guitarist for the band, Hep Alien. After Dave's departure, Hep Alien is short of a guitar player. After some time of placing ads and explaining rock history to failing candidates on the phone, Lane Kim invites Gil to play with them in Lorelai Gilmore's garage. At first the band members (especially Zack Van Gerbig) voice some reservations about his age (they reckon Gil is in his late thirties or even early forties), but eventually Lane decides unilaterally to let Gil join the band.

Gil remains an integral part of Hep Alien. He has a history as a legitimate rock-and-roll musician, and the others in the band often get their cues about what it means to be "rock and roll" from him. For instance, he was able to convince his bandmates that the proposed tour of Seventh Day Adventists churches was "totally rock and roll."


  • His last name is never mentioned on the show.
  • He has a day job as an owner of a sandwich shop and often arrives at band practice in his uniform.
  • He is married with children. His wife has appeared briefly on-camera, but did not have a speaking role. When she's on camera she is usually making out with Gil.
  • It could be inferred from the Bat Mitzvah in Bridesmaids Revisited that he is Jewish, as he knows all the words to Hava Nagila and the rabbi refers to him as "Gilbert", implying that he knows him well. 
  • He met his wife at a show his band played at as he mentions to Hep Alien before they play at the election day celebration in honor for Jackson