Francie Jarvis is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Emily Bergl.


Francie is a student at Chilton, who makes her way onto the scene during Rory's junior year, in season 2. Due to certain events with the school psychologist and headmaster, Rory was made to socialize with more people at Chilton. Rory ended up sitting at a table and included in an ill-fated initiation of The Puffs, a shady secret society at the school.

Later in their senior year, Francie resented Paris' position as president of her class, and tried everything in her power to manipulate the student body government to do what she wanted to do.

Paris wanted the senior gift to be a telescope, whereas Francie would rather use the money to have their final dance in a big fancy mansion. Francie's alternative to the telescope as the senior gift was planting a tree in the quad, just as every senior class before them did. Paris was eventually outvoted and lost the battle against Francie. But because her negotiations with the mansion, Paris could reduce the costs for the final dance and was able to finance the telescope.

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