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Colin – You're here for Rory?
Lorelai – Yeah
Finn – We would have taken her home love
Colin – Just so you know, she was covered
Lorelai – Wow the relief
Colin – I'm Colin. This is Finn. And you are?
Lorelai – Her mother
Finn – My God, those are good genes[1]

Finn is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Australian actor Tanc Sade.


Finn is a friend of Logan Huntzberger and a fellow member of the Life and Death Brigade. He's an extremely eccentric, Australian friend of Logan and Colin at Yale, who is also forever trying to get Rosemary to go home with him. In the fifth season, Finn's catchphrase is "Have we met before?" which he asks Rory many times. When Logan has an accident, he and Colin joke about adopting him as a couple to get info on his condition. Not much is known of his family or upbringing, except for that his father cross-dressed.


Logan – He has a thing about the Sun
Finn – It's too bright

Do I know you? (Every time he sees Rory!)


  • Finn's Australian.
  • His birthday is celebrated in the spring[2].



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