Doula is a character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is only seen as a newborn in Season 7.


Doula is the daughter of Liz Danes and T.J.. Liz gets pregnant with Doula and freaks out and decides T.J. will be a horrible father, and doesn't want him a part of this new child's life. When Liz tells Luke the news, he flips, but easily fixes the situation when he realizes the root of the problem is Liz's fear of herself as a mother. Liz was unable to handle her first child, Jess Mariano, and she is worried she will fail at motherhood again. Luke comes to the rescue, and Doula is born with a mother and father, into a very happy home.


  • One of the critical Luke-Lorelai moments in season 7 happens when Lorelai meets Luke and Doula, and holds Doula for a few moments. Christopher comes into the scene - and it is obvious that he is jealous.