Doose's Market is a business on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is owned by Taylor Doose.

Doose's Market

Doose's is the grocery store in Stars Hollow. Rory and Lorelai as well as other townspeople are seen shopping for groceries there often throughout the series. The business is owned by Taylor Doose, town Selectman.

Dean Forester gets a job there on the advice of Miss Patty. This causes complications for Rory, when they are broken up in the first season, as she can no longer shop there. Lots of drama occurs in Doose's, including many Rory and Dean scenes among others. Kirk also works there for a short period, and is introduced in Season 1, episode 5 as the Assistant Manager, telling Miss Patty that she can't sample produce. Miss Patty is revealed to be one of the shop's most frequent customers. 

Taylor is protective of his business throughout the series complaining on several occasions when he believes it threatened. It is the only grocery store in Stars Hollow.

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