Why doesn't she get rid of it?
—Straub about Rory
Dear Emily and Richard is the 13th episode of Season 3 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


When Sherry (Mädchen Amick) goes into labor and asks Rory (Alexis Bledel) to be with her at the hospital, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is reminded of the day Rory was born. Flashbacks tell the story of 16-year-old Lorelai (guest star Chelsea Brummet) as she learns she is pregnant, decides not to marry Christopher (guest star Phillip Glenn Van Dyke), and ultimately leaves home with her new baby.


Luke and Nicole have a successful first date. Jess and Dean trade verbal blows. Sherry goes into labor with only Lorelai and Rory for company until the final moments, while Lorelai has flash backs about her teen romance with Christopher, her pregnancy and Rory's birth. Richard and Emily decry Lorelai's and Rory's plans to backpack through Europe, which it turns out she and Christopher had toyed with doing as teens.

The war between Paris and Rory continues when Paris picks a yearbook photo of the "Franklin " staff that has the worst possible shot of Rory. The episode concludes with Lorelai surprising Emily with a touching gift, inspired by her regrets at the way she hurt her parents when she left home after Rory's birth.


Dean – I gotta place an order
Jess – Talk into the clown
Dean – I am
Chris – It's okay, it sounds okay
Lorelai – What sounds okay?
Chris – You know, working for your dad, living here. It sounds okay
Lorelai – Chris, no! What about Europe? What about sleeping on a bench in Paris?
Chris – I can't do that now, I have to get a job
—Teens Lorelai & Chris
You can't just change the plans. The plans came over on the Mayflower
—Lorelai to Chris


  • Lorelai drove herself to the hospital illegally.
  • Emily yelled at Lorelai while she was in labor.
  • Straub is emotionally abusive to his wife. He suggests that Lorelai have an abortion.
  • Francine suggests sending Lorelai away.
  • Jess tries to leave the diner to give Nicole and Luke some 'alone time'.
  • Goof: Rory makes copies before faxing papers for Sherry. When you fax something, it doesn't use the one you have, meaning you could use one copy to fax the same thing 10 times.


  • "99 Luftballons" by Nena
  • "Easter Parade" by Judy Garland




  • Europe Through the Backdoor by Rick Steves
  • The Rough Guide to Europe by Various Authors
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville



Lorelai – Oh no, it's raining in Spain! But since the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...
Lane – He's worse than my mother at the Glory of Easter T-shirt stand.
Lorelai – I wonder if Laura Mercier makes Demerol?
Lorelai – You need to learn that there are gonna be times in your life where you have to do ridiculous things for money. If you're Adrian Zmed, that includes everything that ever happens in your whole career.
Lorelai – These are Paris and Nicky Hilton kind of travel books.
Lorelai – We’re not staying at any place that wasn’t built for Napoleon III’s doctor or doesn’t have a Chagall in the bathroom.
Paris – I got copies for everyone, so let's leave the Barney's clearance sale re-enactment for another day.
Rory – In 90 tries, there wasn't one other picture that was good for the group and didn't have me looking like I'm in Cirque du Soleil?
Maureen – Listen, I have Graydon Carter on the other line.
Lorelai – Leloni, very exotic name.
Emily – She's from Honolulu.
Lorelai – Does she know Don Ho?
Emily – No.
Emily – No.
LorelaiC&H pure cane sugar dancers?
Lorelai – Who died and made you Sara Moulton?
Young Lorelai is watching Quincy, ME on TV when she goes into labor.
Lorelai – You need to tell me why you're sitting like that.
Sherry – Maureen told me that Howard Stern said that if you squat it makes the baby come out faster.
Lorelai – Okay, as long as you have a sane reason from a reliable source.
Young Lorelai – Can I bite you or pull your hair or use the Epilady on you? Because I really need to do something!