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An ATM? My, how quaint
—Colin, a snob[src]

Colin McCrae is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Alan Loayza.


Colin is one of Logan Huntzberger's best friends at Yale, and is a member of the Life and Death Brigade, the Yale secret society. Logan, Finn, and Colin often go on trips, perform stunts and pranks, and party together. Colin's an ass. He's is usually mean to those that don't have the kind of money his family does[1][2]. While his character does not have a huge role in terms of plot, he is frequently seen as one of Logan's sidekicks during his time at Yale at important moments in the plot of Logan's life or Rory and Logan's relationship. 


Colin lived in Zuckerberg, Switzerland where he attended boarding school from 7th-12th grade. Prompted by Marty whether Colin missed his family, he describes a life of a constant rotation of new mothers, indicating his father had many relationships, his own mother wasn't around and that Colin spent a lot of time alone or with Logan and Finn. This could explain his cold demeanor and behaviour towards people.


Rory – Oh, hey, Colin. Where’s your date?
Colin – I went to go pick her up. She’s dressed like Mira Sorvino.
Robert – How do you dress like Mira Sorvino?
Colin – You have blonde hair and a name tag that says ‘Mira Sorvino’. I just turned around and left.
Colin – Whitney, is your friend Josie here?
Whitney – Yeah, she’s over there with the guy dressed like Harvey Weinstein.
Colin – Perfect. I’ll see you later.
Whitney – Leave her alone, Colin.
Colin – Yes, yes. Of course
Colin – Well, Josie’s a lesbian.
Rory – You struck out, Colin?
Colin – Whatever. Is Lydia here?
Robert – Yeah, she’s here with Patrick, her fiancé.
Colin – God, I hate these stupid incestuous parties! It’s the same people over and over.


  • He, along with Finn, got kicked out of Argentina with the Bush twins.

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