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Carrie Duncan is a recurring character on Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Jill Brennan.


Carrie, often referred to as 'Crazy Carrie', who seems to like Luke, was one of Liz Danes' best friends when they attended Stars Hollow High School.


Carrie is first mentioned when Liz first makes an appearance in Stars Hollow. When Liz tells Luke that she is staying with Carrie, Luke refers to her as 'Crazy Carrie Duncan', at which point Liz says: "She's not crazy, she just likes the boys." We find out that the unseen Carrie thinks that she made out with Luke underneath the bleachers at the Homecoming Game. Luke denies it.[1]

When Luke first meets T.J. Liz tells T.J. that Luke and Carrie went out, and again Luke denies it. At the Firelight Festival, Carrie approaches Luke, asking why he doesn't remember 'The Night'. She refers to him as 'Butch', which we found out was his high school nickname in the third season (One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes). In addition, Carrie and a few other women invite Luke to a Styx, REO Speedwagon, Journey concert. As a way to fend off their advances, Luke tells them: "Well if it was just Styx and REO Speedwagon, I'd be there. But Journey freaks me out." We find out that all of the women are married.[2]

Carrie serves as Liz's maid (matron?) of honor for her wedding to T.J. She, along with a few other women, get a stripper for Liz's bachelorette party, which takes place in Luke's Dine . She tries to get Luke to dance with her at the wedding, after which he tells Lorelai that Carrie makes him very uncomfortable. Later we find out she was seen making out with several men at the wedding, including the minister, T.J.'s brother and her own husband, Barry.[3]

Carrie serves as the director of the Stars Hollow Elementary School's production of Fiddler on the Roof. Lulu is also involved as she is the teacher of the class and Kirk, while the only adult, will be playing Tevye. Luke is helping to build the sets and has to fend off passes by Carrie at rehearsals. At rehearsals, Carrie can't seem to be able to keep track of her daughter, who is in musical and seems to frequently hide from her mother.[4]


  • Jill Brennan also portrays Rory's teacher at Stars Hollow High School in the Pilot, but it is unknown whether they are meant to be the same person. The teacher is a much less broad character and it is never stated what Carrie does for a living.
    • Thus leading to the possibility that Carrie and Mrs. Traister are identical twins.

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