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Brian Fuller is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by John Cabrera.


Brian plays bass guitar in Hep Alien, and was roommates with Zack Van Gerbig and Lane Kim after Lane moved out of her mother's house. He and Zack had a bunk bed in the living room.

His character is the arguably the least-defined of the group, however we know some of his quirks. For instance, he has a collection of Futurama figurines, and likes playing videogames. We know that he at least occasionally writes songs with Zack, but Zack feels he gives in too easily. He suffers from a number of ailments, including asthma, hypoglycemia, deviated septum, and rosacea. He wears glasses.

In one storyline, Brian wrote a song called "Lane," while Zack and Lane were dating, though he never showed any romantic interest in Lane. He was however interested in Kyon (played by Susane Lee), a foreign exchange student taken in by Mrs. Kim after Lane moves out. She and Brian are seen flirting multiple times throughout the last seasons.


  • Brian has a deviated septum[1]
  • He has a Snoopy tattoo[1]
  • Brian's cousin, also named Brian, only wears a Zorro costume


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