The Black-White-Read Bookstore is a business on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It is located in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


The bookstore at times doubles as a cinema in the evenings, and as the series progresses, referred to almost exclusively as the town cinema, or the 'black-white-read movie theatre'.


  • Max and Lorelai have their first date there.[1]
  • Dean, Rory, Lane and Todd go on a double date to a showing of Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. Lane is not amused; Todd is.[2]
  • Luke, Lorelai, Rory and Dean also double date at a showing of Pippi Longstocking (with a horrible version of the original theme song and a lack of understanding of the awesomeness that is Pippi). This date also falters grimly.[3]
  • Luke takes in his first film in years (Lorelai's guess) with Rachel.[4]
  • After being humiliated at Richard and Emily Gilmore's vow renewal, Luke seeks refuge in the cinema where Lorelai finds him and tries to apologise.[5] The scene plays, with an altered perspective, in Lorelai's dreams following their break-up.[6]


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