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Bethany Rooney is an American television producer and director.


She has had a very long and very successful career directing TV shows and films. Her success is so grand that it has defied all odds. Rooney has directed over 200 episodes of television shows for over thirty years. These TV shows include: Desperate Housewives, PLL, Brothers & Sisters and long-dunning classics such as NCIS and Criminal Minds.

She has a hard-earned reputation for being a director who leads with gentle command. She serves as the co-chair of the DGA's Diversity Committee, as well as the Women's Steering Committee. She also teaches intensive Warner Brothers Directing Workshop Her book (co-authored with Mary Lou Belli) "Directors Tell the Story: Master the Craft of Television and Film Directing" is being utilized at multiple studio and network directing programs, and in directing classes on many university campuses. The second edition of the book was released in April 2016.


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  • She was nominated for the 'Gold Derby Award' for Comedy Episode of the Year (Desperate Housewives).
  • She was nominated for the 'Online Film and Television Association' for Best Direction of a Motion Picture or Miniseries (Political Animals)
  • She won the 'Online Film and Television Association' for Best Direction in a Comedy Series (Gilmore Girls).