The Battle of Stars Hollow is an event on WB drama Gilmore Girls. It took place during the Independence War in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.


The Battle of Stars Hollow was an event in Stars Hollow history, when, on frigid November night in 1776 or an undetermined month in 1779, twelve Stars Hollow militiamen risked their lives awaiting the redcoats in the town square. The town takes great pride in this, despite that the British army never showed up.


Luke seems to be the only one with serious objections to reenacting the "battle" each year, since nothing actually happened[1][2]. Later it is revealed that a prostitute sympathetic to the colonists delayed a general overnight, allowing Lafayette to attack the British troops[2].

Several townspeople have taken part in a yearly reenactment including Luke's father, William, and his uncle, Louie, Taylor Doose, Mayor Harry Porter, Kirk Gleason, Andrew, Sy and Burt. Though not participating as a re-enactor, Reverend Skinner is part of the group and helps plan the event, and also presents it in 2004.


  • Despite the historical significance the event has for the townspeople, there seem to be several discrepancies between the accounts of the "battle" between season one and five.

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