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Oh, and just you wait 'til spring. You're gonna wake up one morning, walk out, and pow – color coming out of your yin-yang!
—Babette introduces Lorelai to gardening[src]

Babette Dell is a supporting character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Sally Struthers.


Lorelai and Rory's next door neighbor and friend. She's known for her raspy voice, her frequent mentions of her husband Morey (who appears much less on camera) and a penchant for making inappropriate comments. However, she means extremely well and has a sweet heart.

She is protective of Lorelai and Rory and cares about them very much. In early episodes, she has a cat named Cinnamon, who later passes away. In another early episode, she gets a new kitten, Apricot, whom Rory takes care of. She is portrayed by Sally Struthers.


That new guitarist – yum yum, like a long-haired cake!
—Babette on Gil[src]


  • She's worn her wedding dress twice-once for her wedding, another time as the Bride of Chuckie.
  • One time she and Morey decorated their room to resemble a jungle paradise. She also bought a negligee so that she could resemble a howler monkey.
  • She has a nephew named Gary.
  • She was pushed out of a moving car once.[1]
  • She was once in a cult.[2]
  • She frequently be found gossiping with her dear friend, Miss Patty.[3]
  • Her house is built to accommodate her height, which her husband, Morey finds difficult, since he is very tall.[4]
  • She and Morey are very into Halloween, and make elaborate decorations on their lawn.[5]


  • 1.05 - cat passes away
  • 1.14 - gets a new kitten
  • 2.20 - tells Rory about the dangers of men and the time she was in a cult
  • 4.1- Greets Lorelai and Rory as they arrive home from Europe, she had reported them missing in every country they visited because she'd been confused on their return date.
  • 4.13 - Receive Rory and Lorelai in her home


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